Praey for the Gods is an open-world adventure that features massive creatures to scale and both survival and RPG mechanics. These RPG mechanics can upgrade the character’s gear and attributes. These attributes are health and stamina.

To upgrade your health and stamina, you will need to find totems. These can be found by exploring the world. Once you have three, the plus sign on the top left of your inventory will be highlighted yellow. Select it, and you can choose between stamina and health. Unfortunately, you can only pick one with every three totems.

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We recommend choosing stamina as it will allow you to climb and hold on longer. Some of the later bosses will test your stamina, and if you run out, you will fall. As there are flying bosses, this means you will have to make your way back up.

This system forces you to choose, and while stamina seems the better option, having more health isn’t bad either. In addition, health becomes more important against smaller enemies such as skeletons.

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