To level up your Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, you will need to unlock the option by finishing all dialogue options with the NPC Roderika. Roderika is an NPC players can find at the Stormhill shack location. 

Start by heading to Stormhill Shack and talking to the woman in red called Roderika. If you don’t know where this location is, you can find it in the location shown below.

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If she is not inside the shack, you’ve probably advanced a little far into the game. Fear not because she will have just moved to the Roundtable Hold, and you will be able to speak to her there. 

For the normal route, talk to her three times, and she will ask you to find someone. At this point, Head to Stormhill Castle and start at Rampart Tower Site of Grace.

Once you are at the Grace site, there will be a doorway south of it leading to a lift. Take the elevator down and enter the next room with many limbs hanging from the ceiling. Turn right, and there will be another door. Head through this door, and you will see a mountain of bodies and a hanging Stone Troll shown in the image below.

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On top of the mountain of bodies is the person Roderika asked you to find. Loot the body, and you will get the Chrysalids memento. After looting the memento, return to Roderika and give her the item.

Afterward, she will then head to the Roundtable Hold, and you can speak to her again at the Roundtable Hold. During the dialogue, she will thank you and say her name is Roderika. After speaking with Roderika, follow the steps below:

  • After speaking to Roderika, talk to the Blacksmith and choose the about Roderika option.
  • Go back to Roderika and tell her what the Blacksmith said.
  • Head back to the Blacksmith and choose the about Roderika option again.
  • Rest at the Roundtable Hold Site of Grace.
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After following the steps above, Roderika will set up shop across from the Blacksmith. Speak to her, and you will unlock the ability to upgrade your Spirt summon Ashes.

You can upgrade your Spirt Ashes now by speaking to Roderika at the Round Tablehold. Upgrading Spirit Ashes will require two types of Gloveworts: Ghost and Grave Glovewarts.

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