Horizon Forbidden West follows a Crafting mechanic similar to Zero Dawn where players will have to upgrade Pouches to increase carrying capacity for various items. Each Pouch upgrade will require specific materials that can be gathered by hunting wildlife and exploring the map. 

Increasing the carrying capacity for Pouches allows players to have more Ammunition, Traps, and Potions ready at their disposal. Most of the Pouches will require different resources which can be acquired by hunting wild animals. Pouches can be upgraded at Workbenches and require Metal Shards and special animal resources.

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The following list of items will be essential to craft and upgrade Pouches in Horizon Forbidden West:

  • Metal Shards
  • Squirrel Bone
  • Squirrel Hide
  • Horned Lizard Skin
  • Duck Wishbone
  • Bighorn Sheep Bone
  • Goose Feather
  • Bass Skin
  • Iridescent Crab Shell
  • Raccoon Hide
  • Rabbit Bone
  • Rabbit Hide
  • Salmon Bone
  • Iridescent Lobster Shell
  • Peccary Hide
  • Pelican Wishbone
  • Prairie Dog Bone
  • Carp Skin 
  • Fox Hide

Each of these resources can be acquired by hunting wild animals, and players will need to keep hunting to gather more resources for upgrading Pouches to the maximum level in Horizon Forbidden West. 

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