To upgrade stuff like attack power and health in No More Heroes 3, players will need to locate a Laboratory inside a building called Burger Suplex. Inside this building, players can locate a staircase that will lead down into the lab interior.

Another way to find the Laboratory is via the fireman pole in Travis’s apartment building. Going down the pole in his apartment will lead players down into the Lab just the same way as the stairs, so using either method is recommended.

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Once inside the Lab, players will need to find an item called a Power Up Machine that looks like an arcade machine. This machine will also be somewhere in the center of the room near a large tree. Players will also be able to upgrade all of Travis’s skills from attack power, health via this machine.

But in order to use the power Up Machine in No More Heroes 3, players will need WESN points, which they can earn via mini-games and other activities.

If players earn high scores through the various mini-games, they can earn WESN points, which can then be used to upgrade Travis’s skills in the game via the Power Up Machine in the Lab.

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