Unlocking and upgrading gear is one of the main staples of just about any MMO, and Lost Ark is no different. However, before you start upgrading your gear, you will need to unlock Gear Honing. Gear Honing allows you to enhance your weapons and armor so that you can increase its level. This will directly influence the difficulty of endgame content, as you need to have an Item Level of 250 to complete much of it.

Depending on what you are trying to upgrade, you will need Harmony Shards, Stone Fragments, and Harmony Leapstones.

You can unlock Gear Honing at Level 50 after arriving at Vern Castle.

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After that, you can visit a Gear Honing NPC (indicated by a hammer symbol on the map) to bring up the respective menu. You can select which items you want to upgrade from the left side of the menu and click on the Upgrade button. This will bring you to a different menu where you can see what materials and Silver you need in order to complete the upgrade.

Once the upgrade is finished, you’ll be able to see options to add additional honing materials and the success or failure rates of other upgrades.

If it so happens that the honing process fails, don’t worry—the items themselves won’t be damaged, just the items used to do the honing.

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