Clothing in Praey for the Gods is what keeps you alive against all of the elements against you. Each piece will give you a defense, cold resistance, and how fast you can move in it.

You can upgrade any clothing to increase most of these values, but you need the crafting materials required to do so. It’s easy to know when a piece of clothing can be upgraded by the Yellow Plus symbol that appears in the top right corner of the icon for that piece of clothing.

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Press on it, and then highlight and press the yellow plus symbol to upgrade it instantly. Take Light Boots, for example, you need to acquire two cloth and two pieces of rope to upgrade these once, and the stat increase is pretty decent!

Light BootsBefore UpgradeAfter Upgrade
Cold Resistance1>3

Each piece of clothing can be upgraded three times, and after each upgrade, it receives a star, so eventually, it will turn into a three-star piece of clothing.

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