If players want to survive in The Riftbreaker they will need to manage their resources, base, and their mech. Part of managing your base is upgrading your buildings. This will open up new options for the player. Additionally, early on one of your first missions will be to upgrade your headquarters. But you may be wondering how to upgrade your buildings.

To do so, you will need to enter build mode by pressing Right Ctrl. With the build menu open, select the building you want to upgrade. This pulls up a D-pad-looking menu. Select the top button which is the upgrade button. You will need to have the necessary resources and prerequisites.

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Keep in mind that upgrading certain buildings will send out shockwaves that attract the attention of the local wildlife. Upgrading your headquarters will initiate a wave of enemies to attack your base. So before upgrading your headquarters, make certain that your defenses can withstand the swarm.

Upgrading your buildings not only grants you new options, but can increase their health, energy output, storage, and more. As you progress through the game you will want to upgrade your buildings as you need. Each building has a different number of times it can be upgraded.

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