Few games are as unique and outrageous as Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2. Players explore the minds of many characters, including Agent Forsythe, a Psychonaut hooked on gambling. To fix her head, Raz has to rewire several rigged games, including the Suit Runner Machine.

Raz must complete the following several steps to make sure the Suit Runner machine is functioning:

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  1. Participate in the rigged Suit Runner mini game by talking to Nurse Barr. Put your money on Hearts. Raz inevitably loses, but he needs to witness the casino’s debauchery first-hand.
  2. Once Hearts loses, Raz can head back to the infirmity to talk to the serial loser of these races.
  3. Hearts is broken and battered, sitting on an examiner’s table. Talk with her and offer to race in her stead.
  4. Next, head out into a new platforming area. This map is filled with electrical hazards, so be careful when traversing the area. If a platform starts glowing, hop to another, as the light indicates an incoming shock.
  5. Use the Mental Connection ability to connect Winning and Help to alter Forsythe’s perception, and make winning a possibility.
  6. After adjusting the way Forsythe sees things, head back to the betting table and place a bet on Hearts once more.
  7. Raz needs to take first place. Win the mini game by platforming through the suit runner course. To outpace the other racers, take the highlighted slopes on the course for a boost in speed.
  8. Avoid the heartbeat markers, as touching these sets Raz back.
  9. Finish in first place to win a gazillion dollars and get a third of the funds Raz needs to enter the High Roller lounge.

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