The Zen Axe can only be unlocked in Fortnite by subscribing to the Fortnite Crew from Sept. 1 onwards. As an added benefit for doing so, all subscribed players will receive the Protocol Pack Back Bling. This Back Bling is special as it will evolve based on the number of Fortnite Crew subscriptions you subscribe to after Sept. 1. Past subscriptions do not count.

There are six stages to the evolution of the Protocol Pack, so you need to be subscribed for six months to upgrade this Back Bling fully. On Stage three, when wearing the Protocol Pack, you can equip the Zen Axe Pickaxe for use within the Battle Royale. From then on, every subscription will evolve the Zen Axe.

This evolution will take place on the 14th of every month, after the previous Stage. Meaning If you subscribe to the October Fortnite Crew, the second stage will occur on Nov. 14, then on Dec. 14, so on and so forth.

No progress is lost upon pausing your Fortnite Crew. You will carry on from the Stage you have unlocked upon resubscribing. The stages are detailed below.

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Stage 3—Zen Axe PickaxeThe Zen Axe Pickaxe emerges from the Back Bling. Both happen on the 14th of the month after Stage 2.
Stage 4—Zen Striker PickaxeThe Pickaxe evolves, adding the Zen Striker Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 3.
Stage 5—Zen Ultra PickaxeThe Pickaxe evolves again, adding the Zen Ultra Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 4.
Stage 6—Zen Assault PickaxeThe Pickaxe evolves once more, adding the Zen Assault Axe Style. This happens on the 14th of the month after Stage 5.

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