With an MMO like Final Fantasy XIV, there are plenty of mounts and steeds to collect over the course of the game. One of these mounts is Xanthos, a majestic horse hidden behind one of the game’s many Trials.

Players will need to grab the Xanthos Whistle from The Howling Eye (Extreme) Trial to unlock the Xanthos mount in Final Fantasy XIV. This is the most challenging version of the Garuda boss fight and serves as a substantial challenge for those playing with little experience or synching to level 50.

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The Xanthos Whistle is not a guaranteed drop, meaning that players could end up running this trial several times before the desired item drops. Because of this, we recommend players attempt the trial unsynched once they’ve progressed past level 50 with a group of friends. Playing unsynched allows players to retain their abilities and grants a level advantage over the level 50 foe. With a high enough level gap, players can beat the boss in mere seconds. To unsync a trial, head to the Duty Finder settings and select the unsynched option.

Each of Garuda’s available rewards is listed below:

ItemItem LevelGear Level
Vortex Ring of Fending9050
Vortex Ring of Slaying9050
Vortex Ring of Aiming9050
Vortex Ring of Casting9050
Vortex Ring of Healing9050
Vortex FeatherN/AN/A
Nightmare WhistleN/AN/A
Xanthos WhistleN/AN/A
Faded Copy of Fallen AngelN/AN/A
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Individual Rewards are as follows:

  • 20 Allagan Tomestones of Poetics
  • Garuda Card*
    • Only Available to those who have completed the Triple Triad Trial quest.
    • Drops at a predetermined rate.

It’s important to note that only one player can get the Xanthos Whistle when it drops. It may take several runs before everyone in your party can get this whistle, so be prepared to stomp this Primal well over a dozen times if you know your party members.

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