Mounts are one of the most desired items in any MMO, and Final Fantasy is no exception. None is more sought after than the simple yet elegant Unicorn mount. A white equine creature with a distinctive horn, the Unicorn mount is not immediately accessible to all classes or jobs.

To get the Unicorn mount, you must first level up the Conjurer class to 30 and complete the final quest for that job. Conjurer is a healing job that can either be started from the beginning of the game or started later by visiting the Conjurer’s Guild in New Gridania.

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Next, speak to a Conjurer NPC called Braya, who will be inside the Conjurer’s Guild. She will have a quest called Unicorn Power.

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The quest is simple: help a Unicorn in trouble, and you’ll complete the quest. Follow the objectives and hand the quest back into Braya. You’ll be rewarded with the Unicorn whistle. Activate the Unicorn whistle in your inventory, and you’ll now be able to summon the Unicorn mount from your mount collection bar.

It’s a fairly simple mount to get, but due to it being locked behind levelling up a Healer class, it’s very easy to miss. Even so, you should have no trouble getting to level 30 with Conjurer and unlocking your very own Unicorn in Final Fantasy XIV.

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