To unlock Throwing Axes in Hunt Showdown, you must earn a total of 1k XP using any type of Combat Axe in the game. That said, earning said XP using a Combat Axe may seem easier said than done, but luckily it’s not as complicated as it seems. In short, all you have to do is equip a variant of the Combat Axe and use it in combat. 

If you don’t have the Combat Axe yet, you can get it by unlocking the first page of the book of weapons. You can unlock the first page of the book of weapons by simply reaching Rank one. To reach Rank one, just play a few matches and make sure to kill plenty of enemies in these matches. Eventually, you will reach Rank one and unlock the Combat Axe. After unlocking the Combat Axe, you can use it to unlock Throwing Axes by farming enemies such as Armored and Meat Heads.

How to unlock Throwing Axes fast in Hunt Showdown

If you want to unlock Throwing Axes fast as possible in Hunt Showdown, the best way is to farm special monsters or kill Bounty targets with a Combat Axe. However, killing Bounty targets can be situational, so your best bet is to farm special monsters such as Meat Heads and Armored.

You can also earn a decent amount of XP by killing other Hunters with a Combat Axe, but again this is a situational method. Because of this, your best bet for reaching 1k XP is to farm as many Meat Head and Armored monsters in every match. You can find both enemy types by searching around various locations on the map.

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