To unlock the Tannery production building in V Rising, you must find a slay Keely the Frost Archer. Keely is one of several bosses in V Rising and is located in the Bandit Trapper Camp location in the game. 

You can find the Bandit Trapper Camp in the location shown below. However, before you can face Keely, you need to be at least Gear Level 20. If you are not Gear Level 20, you will have a hard time fighting her and the various enemies that roam the camp.

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We recommend making better items to increase your total gear level. The following items in V Rising will raise your Gear Level enough so that you can fight Keely:

  • Copper Spear, Axe, or Mace: These items require 16 Copper each and 12 Planks.
  • Full Set Plated Boneguard Armor: These items require 60 Animal Hide each.
  • Blood Rose Ring: This item requires 80 Plant Fiber30 Blood Rose, and one Bone Ring. The Bone Ring requires 40 bones to make.

Once you have the items above, you will be ready to face Keely The Forst Archer in her Bandit Trapper Camp. 

How to use the Tannery in V Rising

To use the Tannery, you must first build it with 8 Planks and  160 Animal Hides. Once built, you can use the Tannery by opening it up and placing Animal Hide inside to make Leather. The Tannery can also be used to make Pristine Leather and an Empty Canteen.

Tips on how to beat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising

The following are some tips for beating Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising:

  • Use Viel of Blood: Keely’s attacks are very easy to avoid if you use Viel of Blood at the right time. Watch to see when she is charging up an attack or making an AOE attack and use it to get out of the way. 
  • Isolate Her:  While fighting Keely is not that hard once you learn how to dodge her attacks, the other enemies can quickly gang up on you if you let them. We recommend clearing the area around her so you can focus on her and not get overwhelmed. 
  • Move out of the way: Keely’s basic attacks are easy to avoid if you just walk out of the line of fire. Watch for when she is standing still and charging up an attack and just move out of the way. Doing so will help you keep yourself alive long enough to beat her. 

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