For this Battle Pass, many things have changed, and how to unlock the Super Styles is no different. Battle Stars are the new currency for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, and you can spend them on cosmetics as you wish, depending on your BP level or how many items you have unlocked.

The Super Styles are the same premise. You need to spend Battle Stars to unlock them. The three different tiers available, which each cost different amounts. Due to the new system, you don’t have to reach level 200 to get the final Super Style. As long as you meet the requirements to unlock them, and of course, the stars needed, you’re golden.

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You need 300 Battle Stars in total to complete the Battle Pass, meaning you have to be exactly level 200 on the BP to acquire it all.

TierBattle Stars Cost
Tier 115 Battle Stars
Tier 220 Battle Stars
Tier 325 Battle Stars

We do not have any idea what the Super Styles will look like, as these are currently not in the game files at this moment in time. Fans are expressing their opinion for what they want and don’t want, and it seems they do not want a repeat of the metallic variants. They want something new and refreshing, which is exactly what this season is about, something akin to Galaxy Styles, to fit the theme of Season 7.

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