In Metroid Dread, the player will collect multiple abilities that allow Samus to traverse the environments of ZDR and defeat the enemies within. These abilities upgrade her movement or her weapons. One such ability that enhances Samus’ movement is the Spin Boost.

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To unlock the Spin Boost, you will need to head to Ghavoran. You will need to exit the E.M.M.I. zone to the right and make your way down the room that has the mushroom platforms to the door on the right. Continue through the save room and go right and up. Eventually, you will come to a Morph Ball launcher.

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Take this and you will end up in a room with a Chozo Statue. Break the orb to unlock the Spin Boost. This ability acts as a double jump for Samus. With it, you can reach previously inaccessible areas. To use the Spin Boost, you will need to time the jump as Samus is in midair. After a few attempts, you should be able to get the timing down.

Immediately after getting this ability, you will find yourself in an underwater room with a large gap. You will need the Spin Boost to clear this. As Samus cannot gain more height than her initial jump underwater, you may think that you are stuck in Ghavoran here. The timing on the Spin Boost is extremely precise so keep trying until you make it across.

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