In Vampire Survivors, the Spellbinder is a passive item that increases the duration stat of weapons. Like many of the other passive items, it’s also used as an evolution for a weapon. But how do you unlock the Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors?

To unlock the Spellbinder in Vampire Survivors, you need to level up the Runetracer to level seven on a single run. The best way of doing this is to pick Pasqualina Belpaese, as she starts with the Runetracer as her primary weapon. This way you can easily level it up to level seven.

Once you’ve unlocked the Spellbinder you can find it as a passive item during runs. The Spellbinder has five levels, each time increasing the duration of weapon effects by 10%, up to a total of 50%

The Spellbinder is also the evolution requirement for the King Bible. If you level the King Bible to level eight and have a spellbinder, the next chest you unlock will contain the Evolved Weapon the Unholy Vespers.

Spellbinder has good synergy with other weapons though, affecting the Sant Water, Song of Mana, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Runetracer, Clock Lancet, Bone, and Cherry Bomb. It also affects any of the evolutions of these weapons. 

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