In the Vampire Survivors March 2 update, several new features were added. Among these was the addition of the new weapon, the Song of Mana. But how do you unlock the Song of Mana, and does it have a weapon evolution?

To unlock the Song of Mana, you’ll first need to unlock the new character Poppea Pecorina. Poppea is unlocked on the map added in the March 2 update, Dairy Plant. You’ll have to find the Milky Way Map and follow it to her Coffin to unlock her.

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Once you’ve unlocked Poppea Pecorina, start a round with her on any level. Survive to 15-minutes with her, and you’ll unlock the Song of Mana as a weapon for all characters.

The Song of Mana is a magic-based weapon that shoots a pillar of energy up and down from your character’s location. It can be evolved into its ultimate form, the Mannajja, by picking up the Skull O’Maniac passive item and leveling the weapon to level 8. In contrast to the Song of Mana, the Mannajja has a much wider area of attack and slows enemies down with significant knockback. 

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