In Vampire Survivors March 2 update, a host of new features were added to the game. One of these was a new use for the Skull O’Maniac passive item that made it a much more sought-after piece of kit. But how do you unlock the Skull O’Maniac in Vampire Survivors?

To unlock the Skull O’Maniac, you need to survive at least 30 minutes with Lama Ladonna. You can do this on any level with any weapon combination, but it’s still extremely difficult to unlock. That’s because of Lama’s built-in Curse. Lama gains 5% Curse every 10 levels up to 30%, which buffs enemy speed, health and spawn frequency.

Once you’ve unlocked the Skull O’Maniac, it acts as a buff to the Curse stat. It increases enemy speed, health, and quantity by 10% per level. The Skull O’Maniac also acts as the evolution requirement for the Song of Mana weapon. The Song of Mana can be evolved into the Mannajja with the Skull O’Maniac.

But if you want to find the Skull O’Maniac without unlocking, it there is a way. The passive item is also located in a hidden spot in the north Mad Forest. To find it accurately, you can use the Milky Way Map. Using this pick up of the Skull O’Maniac, you can evolve the Mannajja without needing to unlock the Skull O’Maniac weapon itself.

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