Saints Row 2022 allows players to freely customize their characters, weapons, and vehicles. The customization options include custom mods, upgrades, signature traits, skins, and much more. Here’s a guide on how to unlock the signature ability for various weapons in Saints Row.

How to unlock a weapon’s Signature Ability in Saints Row 2022

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Every weapon has a different unlockable signature ability in Saints Row. To learn more about this special feature for your favorite weapon, you need to visit a Friendly Fire Weapon Store. These stores are marked with a handgun icon on your map and are present at various locations.

Inside the store, interact with the shop owner to bring up the available weapons list. Scrolling over a weapon will pull out its statistics, next to which there will be a signature ability section. It mentions what this special ability does and the unlock challenge, which needs to be done using that weapon.

For instance, the KA-1 Kobra Pistol has the “Aim High” signature ability that automatically reloads the magazine if you hit a headshot with the last few bullets. Also, remember that once you have unlocked the signature ability for a weapon, you need to activate it from the weapon store first to make use of it.

Signature Ability unlocks for all default weapons in Saints Row


  • Axe: Kill 15 enemies from behind with regular attacks.
  • Machete: Kill 30 Panteros with regular attacks.
  • Stun Baton: Stun 30 Marshall.
  • Crowbar: Stagger 250 Idols.
  • Pickaxe: Kill five Specialists with regular attacks.
  • Sledgehammer: Kill five Specialists with heavy attacks.
  • Smelterville Slugger: Kill 25 Specialists with heavy attacks.


  • KA-1 Kobra: Kill 20 enemies while riding on a vehicle roof.
  • ElectroStun P1 200: Tase 30 enemies.
  • Handcannon .44: Shoot 24 tires from hostile Panteros vehicles.
  • MDI-39m Sixguns: Kill 30 Marshall.
  • Idol Lite: Get 20 headshot kills.


  • 1921 Johnson: Destroy 20 hostile enemy vehicles.
  • D4th Blossom: Shoot 10,000 bullets.
  • Machine Pistol: Get 20 Idol double kills.
  • TEK Z-10: Get 20 Marshall double kills.


  • K-8 Krukov: Kill 10 enemies with your last magazine.
  • .585 Safari Express: Get 10 long-range kills.
  • AR-55 Burst: Get five kills on your last magazine.


  • AS3 Ultimate: Get 10 triple kills
  • MDI-50 Tac: Kill one Gatling Gunner.
  • Police Shotgun: Get 10 double kills
  • Stagecoach: Kill five Marshall Gunslingers.
  • Sawed-Off: Kill 30 Idols.

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