Rasputin Aquato is no stranger to the weird and wild workings of the mind. He’s made a name for himself using his psychic powers in unconventional ways. To earn the Shared Regret achievement, Raz must use these powers in another strange way.

Raz has to throw one of the Regret’s anvils at another enemy to unlock the Shared Regret achievement. Regrets are flying enemies that carry weights around with them. If they get too close to Raz, they drop their projectiles, but Raz can take advantage of these weapons and make use of them himself.

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  1. Lock on to a Regret to focus Raz’s attention on it. Make sure there is at least one other enemy present.
  2. Use Telekinesis to yank Regret’s weight away from him. Hold onto the object until you’ve found an enemy to attack with the projectile.
  3. Use lock on to target a separate enemy and press the Telekinesis command again to launch the projectile to unlock this achievement.

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