Much of Genshin Impact‘s Inazuman content is locked behind puzzles, and the domains in this region are no exception. Shakkei Pavilion, located southeast of Tatarasuna on Kannazuka Island, is hidden behind a giant boulder. Luckily, you can take this boulder down by using the closest Kamuijima Cannon.

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Teleport to the cannon and summon the nearby Electrogram to power the machine up.

Position the cannon slightly to the left so it fires at the location marked below. You’ll see the boulder come crumbling down along with the “gleam” of the domain, letting you know that Shakkei Pavilion is now accessible.

Freeing Shakkei Pavilion will also reward you with the “Jackpot” achievement (five primogems).

It’s worth noting that you can complete this objective during the Tatara Tales questline, in which you’ll need to operate all three Kamuijima Cannons to bring down the barrier. Along with operating the cannons, we’ve also got guides on how to observe the Mikage Furnace as well as how to place and retrieve the three beacons.

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