As Dusk Falls is an interactive story experience like no other, as you delve into an action-packed ride of events and take on the roles of several unique characters. Your choices and quick-thinking skills will determine the story’s outcome and present you with your personality traits based on those decisions. Your mind and reflexes will be tested in more ways than one, including how well your memory is. During the first chapter, you are tasked with finding and breaking into a safe. However, you will need to remember a four-digit code.

How to open the safe in the Sheriff’s house in As Dusk Falls

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Once you enter the Sheriff’s office and begin looking for the safe, you can find it by searching the bookcase twice. You will collect a birdwatching book the first time you search the bookcase. You will need to search it again to locate the safe hidden behind the books. Once you do, you will have a brief moment, with a countdown, to unlock the safe successfully. However, you have lost your note with the four-digit code on it, meaning you will need to dial this in by memory to open it. Once you type in the correct code, you can press Open and––open sesame!

What is the safe code in As Dusk Falls?

You are only given the code to unlock the safe once in a brief moment before entering the Sheriff’s house. As you get out of the truck, Jay will look at his note with the code on it. This is your time to memorize that code as quickly as possible so you can later dial it in successfully. That code is––5926. Entering the code will allow you to open the safe, take the money successfully, and also give you an achievement.

There’s a little help with how you can open the Sheriff’s safe in As Dusk Falls or put your memory to the test and try for yourself! Let us know if this was helpful for you in the comments below.

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