Horizon Forbidden West is not short on trophies for you to unlock, but this one might be the most impressive one that you can get. The interesting thing is, it’s not that it takes a great feat to earn it, but it gives back to the real world once you do. Here is how to get the Reached Daunt trophy.

To unlock the trophy, you will have to complete the beginning section of the game. This will take between one to two hours. This entails:

  • Reuniting with Varl
  • Exploring a ruin that’s a century old
  • Beating the tutorial boss

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Once you have done these things, you will see the trophy icon pop up. The reward doesn’t end there, though. For every Reached Daunt trophy earned between launch day (Feb. 18) and March. 25, PlayStation and the Arbor Day Foundation will plant a tree. This is part of the Play and Plant Program.

It is estimated that over 288,000 trees will be planted through this scheme in areas such as Douglas Country Forest, Torreya State Park, and Sheep Fire Private Lands. Talk about playing a game for a good cause.

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