The Ranch is a handy area wherein players can gain various cooking ingredients from livestock over time. You start off with cows for beef, pigs for pork, and chickens for…well, chicken. By continuing to use the Ranch, you’ll also eventually unlock horses, sheep, and rappigs (which are rabbit pigs).

To unlock the Ranch, the player must have already reached Menancia. Once there, you’ll eventually reach an area called Traslida Highway. The eastern quarter of the map is made up of a small, peaceful village. Inside of this village will be a quest marker for a sub-quest. Search out the quest and—lo and behold—you’ll find what appears to be an old dead man lying on the road.

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The old man is actually alive, but he’s not so well. He doesn’t need any fancy medicine or anything, though. He just needs some help getting back home. Acquiesce to his request, and the game will take you straight to the Ranch. You will then be given the Ranch—it’s that easy!

For reference, the name of the quest is Pharia Ranch. It’s unlikely you’ll see the name of the quest at all before finishing it, but it’s nice to know just in case you’re keeping track of all of the sub-quests.

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