Deathloop offers players a variety of ways to eliminate the eight targets hiding out on Blackreef. To earn the Quantum Solution trophy will take several attempts, so if at first, you don’t succeed, die, die again. Players will have to memorize certain areas, like Dr. Wenji’s lab.

Quantum Solution tasks Colt with killing all versions of Dr. Wenji Evans within a 90 second period. Players can attempt this trophy after they unlock the Ubiquity mission in Deathloop, but trying to take out over 10 Wenjis will be quite the task for an inexperienced Colt.

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Because Dr. Wenji Evans has such a large facility and so many doppelgangers, we recommend attempting this trophy once Colt has unlocked infusion, several powerful Slabs, and unique guns at his disposal.

Once properly fitted with gear and weapons, head into Dr. Wenji’s facility with the Nexus Slab equipped. This allows Colt to kill multiples Wenjis at the same time by linking them together. Take a few runs to learn the locations and routes of each Wenji.

Make sure that Colt has plenty of trinkets for himself and his weapons. Deathloop is all about learning from experience, so figure out which method helps you move quickly throughout this facility.

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