With so many powers at his disposal, Raz has plenty of ways to deal with obstacles on his journey through the mind. Getting creative with his psychic powers is paramount when hunting rare achievements, including Pyromania.

Raz needs to ignite three enemies simultaneously with the Pyrokinesis ability to unlock the Pyromania achievement. While Raz can do this early in the game, we recommend grabbing the Pyrokinesis upgrades to make this achievement much easier. Each of this psychic ability’s upgrades is listed below:

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Power LevelUpgrade Description
Pyrokinesis IConjure fire with your mind to inflict damage over time
Pyrokinesis IIPyrokinesis burns a larger area.
Pyrokinesis IIIPyrokinesis damage duration is increased.
Pyrokinesis IVPyrokinesis burns a MUCH larger area.
Info via Psychonauts 2

After upgrading Pyrokinesis, Raz is ready to torch some baddies and earn this rare achievement. Corral a horde of enemies together by running around before charging the Pyrokinesis ability up. Enemies caught in its radius are highlighted. When there are three enemies highlighted at once, release the charge to set them ablaze.

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