Metroidvanias are all about unlocking abilities and power-ups to progress. Metroid Dread is no different and there are numerous abilities and upgrades to unlock. One of these is the Power Bomb. You might be wondering how to unlock the Power Bomb.

First, you will need to travel to Hanubia from Ferenia. On the right side of the map, you will find the boss in Hanubia which is a Red Chozo Soldier. You will need to defeat this boss and once you do, you will unlock the Power Bomb.

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The Power Bomb features a much larger and more powerful explosion than the regular bomb. To use it, transform into the Morph Ball and hold R to charge. Once it is fully charged, press Y to plant the bomb. After a few moments, it will detonate destroying enemies and special blocks.

You have a limited number of Power Bombs. Fortunately, you can find Power Bomb capsules to increase the number you can carry. It is worth it to go around collecting these upgrades as you never know when you will need a Power Bomb. Throughout the different areas in Metroid Dread you will come across environmental obstacles that can also be destroyed by the Power Bomb.

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