As part of the recent FIFA 22 and Apex Legends collaboration, several new cosmetic items were added to FIFA Ultimate Team. These items include badges, tifos, and kits that can be availed from the in-game store for a limited duration.

Players can unlock the Olympus XL Tifo by purchasing the Legends Ultimate Bundle for 180,000 FUT coins or 1,500 FIFA coins from the Premium Bundle list inside the Browse menu. This unique reward is an Apex Legends’ map themed Tifo, which you can use to modify your FUT arena.

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Olympus is a floating city located on the planet of Psamathe. Once used to conduct the Outlands’ science experiments and research, the city is now home to the Apex Games. In addition, the Legends Bundle includes kits and badges for three characters from Apex Legends—Wraith, Gibraltar, and Octane. It also features the Legends Tifo and Stadium Theme for further customization options.

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