Players wanting to be as good as Stellis City’s leading attorney, Artem Wing will definitely need to unlock the NXX Headquarters in Tears of Themis. Review the Organization’s Case Files of some of the the city’s most invigorating legal cases and collect resources to obtain rewards like Upgrading and Research Materials, Stellin Coin and Skill Enhancement Materials! All this and more can be done at the NXX Headquarters, in Tears of Themis.

Screenshot of Tears of Themis gameplay

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Gain Headquarters Level to acquire access to the Organization’s Resource Requisition, File Room and Study Room at NXX Headquarters. Players can find the NXX Headquarters at the bottom-center of the game’s home screen page and upon the completion of Episode 04, Chapter 02 of the game’s Main Story, will be granted access to the Resource Requisition and File Room. Completing Episode 04, Chapter 15 will allow players access the Headquarters’ Study Room.

Upgrading the NXX Headquarters raises the levels of the Headquarters’ facilities. Players complete tasks at NXX Headquarters, which consists of submitting Resource Requisitions to NXX investors, gaining Research Materials by investigating the latest or on-going NXX cases acquired from the Big Data Lab in the File Room. Players will then take those Research Materials gained from the File Room, to increase Confidence Level in the Study Room, once access has been granted.

Upgrading Vision Cards in ToT also grants players with the Headquarters EXP needed to level up the facilities.

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