Vampire Survivors got a new patch on March 3, which added a bunch of fixes and new features. But the star of the new patch is the brand new level, the Dairy Plant. But how do you unlock the new level?

To unlock the Dairy Plant in Vampire Survivors, you first need to unlock the Inlaid Library’s second level. To unlock the Inlaid Library, you need to reach at least level 20 with a character on the first level, the Mad Forest.

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Next, play a round in the Inlaid Library, and get to at least level 40. Once you die on a run that reached level 40, you will unlock the Dairy Plant. You can do this with any character and any weapon combination, you just need to reach level 40. Reaching level 40 on Inlaid Library isn’t super difficult, but it will require a bit of good play. You can usually reach level 40 by about the 20-minute mark.

The Dairy Plant is a more industrial setting than any previous Vampire Survivors’ locations. This is the most difficult stage yet released with steel walls and plenty of obstacles. What’s more, there are many interesting features and new enemies to find at this level. There are also a few secrets to find in this mode. If you think you’re done with Vampire Survivors, definitely pick up this new level and give it a try!

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