Mounts are one of Final Fantasy XIV’s most coveted collectables. Some can be purchased, while players must earn others. One that requires work is the Markab mount.

Players have to grab the Markab Whistle from The Striking Tree (Extreme) Trial to unlock the Markab mount in Final Fantasy XIV Online. This is the hardest variant of the Ramuh boss fight and can prove challenging for those inexperienced and playing the boss fight synced to level 50.

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Because the fight is so challenging and the Markab Whistle isn’t guaranteed to drop, we recommend playing the Trial unsynced at a higher level. This grants players to option to play the level 50 boss while above level 50 makes the battle quick, giving parties time to farm the Markab Whistle. Players can unsync Trials by heading to the Duty Finder settings and selecting the Unsynched option. This grants players access to all abilities and level benefits when fighting bosses. We recommend taking a few friends to make even quicker work of Ramuh. The Treasure Coffer rewards Ramuh drops are listed below:

ItemItem LevelGear Level
Adjudicator’s Staff10050
Ona Ramuhda10050
Adjudicator’s Gavel10050
The Law of Levin10050
Judgement Ring of Fending11050
Judgement Ring of Slaying11050
Judgement Ring of Aiming11050
Judgement Ring of Casting11050
Judgement Ring of Healing11050
Levin OrbN/AN/A
Large Levin OrbN/AN/A
Markab WhistleN/AN/A
Faded Copy of Thunder RollsN/AN/A
Info via Final Fantasy XIV Lodestone

Individual rewards include:

  • 20 Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
  • Ramuh Card*
    • Only available after completing the Triple Triad Trial quest.
    • Dropped at a predetermined rate.

Keep in mind that only one player gets the Markab Whistle when it does drop, so it’s preferable to run these trials with people you know that are willing to attempt the fight multiple times so that everyone can get the mount.

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