In the 0.5.2 patch of Vampire Survivors, a unique artifact item, similar to the Milky Way Map, was added. This item was the Magic Banger, a unique artifact that can only be picked up once.

However, once picked up, the Magic Banger unlocks the ability for you to pick the music of the stage before you enter. For the first time since Vampire Survivors’ launch, the music isn’t just determined by your stage, character, or weapon. Below, we’ve detailed how to find the Magic Banger and unlock Music Selection in Vampire Survivors.

How to unlock Music Selection in Vampire Survivors

To unlock Music Selection, you’ll have to head to the Inlaid Library stage, the second stage you unlock in the game. The Magic Banger is located on the far left of the stage. It’s guarded by four witches who’ll shoot projectiles at you and clock lancets which slow you. These are tough enemies, so it’s definitely worth stocking up on weapons and upgrades before heading to face them

The Magic Banger is actually a double pun. The item resembles a sausage with mashed potatoes, which in British slang is known as Bangers and Mash. The second pun is the fact that a Banger is also slang for an incredible-sounding song. Much like the music in Vampire Survivors! 

How to find the Magic Banger

The Magic Banger will have a green marker indicating its location, so long as you’ve unlocked the Milky Way Map. If you’ve not, you can still find the Magic Banger by heading to the left of the stage until you find the item.

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Once unlocked, Music Selection appears on the left-hand side of the stage selection screen. For each song, you can select Normal, Hyper, or Forsaken. Normal mode is self-explanatory, but Hyper speeds up the song, and Forsaken slows it down. Enjoy picking your background music!

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