The Level Checker is a main NPC in the Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Omega raid series. A small, television-like device, many were surprised when the Level Checker was revealed as one of the latest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

To unlock the Level Checker, you’ll need to visit Radz-at-Han and talk to the NPC called Nesvaaz <Totem and Sundry Exchange>. They’re located at X: 10.5, Y: 10.1 on the map. The Level Checker Identification Key is sold by Nesvaas for 12 Chi bolts. 

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Chi bolts are a drop from a rare FATE that spawns in Ultima Thule. Completing the FATE Omicron Recall: Killing Order will earn you six Chi bolts. So in order to earn your Level Checker mount, you’ll need to beat FATE twice. 

The FATE only spawns after a sequence of other FATES have been completed triggering the Chi FATE. There are two FATEs you need to defeat before Omicron Recall: Killing Order spawns, both with the prefix Omicron Recall. Then in between a 35-minute window, the FATE will spawn.

After the FATE is over, it goes on cooldown for up to 45 minutes. The cooldown time is random and can be incredibly short or a full 45 minutes. This is a pretty intensive grind just for a single mount, but it can be completed in a few hours with good luck. Additionally, as new Endwalker areas are currently instanced, there’s three times as much chance the FATE will spawn. 

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