In Final Fantasy XIV, the Laurel Goobbue is an older mount that was first released in A Realm Reborn (ARR). To unlock it, you need to use Laurel Goobbue Horn.

The Laurel Goobbue Horn is rewarded from completing Sylph beast tribe quests and reaching reputation level seven, Sworn with the Slyphs. Then, after reaching that level, you can head to the Sylphic Vendor in East Shroud at X:22.3, Y:26.3. They’ll sell you the Laurel Goobbue Horn for 120,000 Gil.

Levelling up to level seven takes around 30 to 40 days of total effort, as the beast tribe quests cap at a daily amount of three a day. Doing three quests a day at variable reputation rewards, you’ll reach Sworn, which requires 1730 total reputation, within around four weeks.

Alternatively, the Laurel Goobbue Horn is often a reward during the Moogle Treasure Trove events. By collecting irregular tomestones via completing duties, you’ll be able to save up for the Laurel Goobbue Horn. The horn usually costs 30 irregular tomestones and can be purchased from any of the Itinerant Moogle NPCs in the major cities of Final Fantasy XIV.

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