Part of Tower of Fantasy’s collection of Relics is the Jetboard—Aida’s interpretation of a surfboard. This nifty Relic will allow you to traverse through the seas without the burden of an Edurance bar, making it an amazing companion for traveling to new locations for the first time. You can get this Relic early on in the game for free—read on to find out how.

How to get the Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

To get the Jetboard for free, you must clear the Main Story Chapter 1-5. After returning from Hykros, the quest navigator will prompt you to return to Astra Shelter, where you must say goodbye to Palu. After this segment, he’ll tell you to head to the next area, Banges, which you can travel to via Jetboard. You’ll receive the Relic as a reward and will be provided a tutorial on how to use it.

How to get Jetboard Shards in Tower of Fantasy

If you want to Advance the Jetboard to unlock additional effects, you need to collect Jetboard Shards, which can be obtained through the following:

  • Level 1 Crew Store—you must join a Crew to access this store. It costs x300 Merit for x1 Jetboard Shard.
  • Crystal Dust Store
  • SR Relic Shard Box

How to use Jetboard in Tower of Fantasy

Head to the menu on the upper right of the screen and click Relic to access the Relic menu. Click Deploy at the bottom to choose which Relics to assign to your hotkeys. The Jetboard can be used in any body of water with a 90-second cooldown. It allows you to glide across the water indefinitely using the directional and jump keys.

Be careful not to let go of your directional keys, or you’ll fall into the water! Additionally, don’t click on the dodge or dash buttons, as these will also unmount you from the Jetboard—and you’ll need to wait for the cooldown to end to use it again.

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