Added in the Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 update, the Isle Farmhand glamour set is a casual farming gear set that allows you to dress your Warrior of Light in farm-appropriate attire. So how do you unlock and obtain the Isle Farmhand glamour in Final Fantasy XIV?

How to get the Isle Farmhand in FFXIV?

The Isle Farmhand gear is obtainable as part of the Island Sanctuary content. It’s obtained as a reward for completing all buildings and upgrades as part of the Island Sanctuary.

To do this, you’ll need to reach Sanctuary Rank 10, and upgrade every building to level three. Once you’ve complete this you’ll need to take on the sidequest The Land, Wind, and Sea. This sidequest has you speak to the Curious Courier. Once you’ve followed the sidequest to completion, you’ll be granted a coffer with the Isle Farmhand gear. 

What makes up the Isle Farmhand glamour set?

The Island Farmhand Glamour contains the following items:

  • Island Farmhand’s Work Shirt
  • Island Farmhand’s Cotton Gloves
  • Island Farmhand’s Wide Bottoms
  • Island Farmhand’s Cuttoffs
  • Island Farmhand’s Boots.

Each of these items are available for all classes and aren’t gender or race locked. Players are especially fond of the Island Farmhand’s Cuttoffs, which are now some of the most sought after glamour items in the game.

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