To unlock the Hunter class in Tribes of Midgard, you will need to locate every shrine on the map, a tricky and long process, but not impossible.

In short, you will need to follow all of the roads. Roads lead to shrines, so you will sooner or later find a shrine if you follow them. Keep following all of them to the end, and you will find all of the shrines. 

Combine this with haste potions and the speed boost the ranger gets with both skills unlocked and the speed boost of the road, and the process should be far quicker. 

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However, you will also need to search around bridges next to roads as sometimes the roads will lead into bridges, and there will be a shrine past it. 

Also, check areas that it would make sense and bridges in general for shrines, as sometimes the game will put one in a remote area near a bridge.

If you search right and find all of the shrines on the map, which should number around 20, you will unlock the hunter class. That said, here’s a rundown of what you need to do again and some tips to help make sure you find all shrines in the game.

  • Follow all roads to their ends
  • Search near bridges that are near roads
  • Search areas that would make sense for a shrine to be in
  • Search Smokey Highlands fully 
  • Search Glacier Peaks fully.
  • Search area past big bridge fully

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