You can give MMO players a literal world to explore and they’ll always clamor for the same thing: let us build a personal home. There’s just something about having a spot to call your own and with update 1.5, Tower of Fantasy is letting weary adventurers kick up their heels on their own private island in a custom-built home that would make any craftsman envious.

Tower of Fantasy Home System Explained

In order to unlock housing in Tower of Fantasy, players will need to complete the quest requiring the exploration of 10 Dev Logs that are scattered about the Artificial Island. This feature can also be accessed at level 60 with 840 Exploration Points earned without finding any Dev Logs.

Once done, the game doesn’t tell you that you can now start building upon the Island. Press Esc and a new icon will have appeared called Build. You must click on it and press Go to start building your home.

Players are able to craft a variety of houses that can output different resources and can also utilize Smart Servants. Like many other base building/farming simulators, players will need to gather resources to build their home and give it adequate time to actually be built. From there, each home can be upgraded, which unlocks additional features depending on the home and upgrade.

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