Rasputin’s journey to becoming an accomplished Psychonaut is laden with danger and enemies. Without the proper tools, he’s sure to meet his end while exploring the game’s many mangled minds. That’s why it’s important he always has a Dream Fluff or two in his inventory to save his life (and unlock an achievement in the process.)

Raz must use a Dream Fluff consumable to heal himself in a battle to unlock the Hiccup in the Giddyup Achievement. Make sure to follow the steps listed below to grab this achievement and learn how to use one of the game’s handiest items.

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  1. To use the Dream Fluffs, Raz has to have some in his inventory. The Dream Fluff item can be purchased from any Otto-Matic machine. Visit one and purchase the item for 100 Psitanium.
  2. After Raz has the item in his inventory, he’ll have to wait until he’s faced with some of the game’s enemies because unlike the Psi pop consumables, Dream Fluffs can only be used to save Raz from certain death, meaning the item activates immediately when Raz’s health hits zero.
  3. Once in the presence of enemies, let them kill Raz. This will force the Dream Fluff to activate and unlock the Hiccup in the Giddyup achievement.

While Raz can only hold one Dream Fluff initially, players can purchase two upgrades to his storage capacity for 75 and 750 Psitanium, respectively. Once his inventory is fully upgraded, he’ll be able to take three Dream Fluffs with him as he explores the hazards of foreign minds.

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