In the Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary, the Granary is one of the production buildings you can build for your Hideaway. The Granary allows you to send Mammets out to harvest items for you and means that you can cut out some of the most tedious legwork of the Island Sanctuary. Here’s how to unlock the Granary in the FFXIV Island Sanctuary.

Unlocking the Island Sanctuary Granary in FFXIV 

To unlock the Island Sanctuary Granary, you first need to obtain Sanctuary Rank 5. To achieve this, the best way is to complete as many of the obtainable upgrades as possible. These include building the Workshop, expanding the area, building additional tools, and generally advancing through every possible structure you can build.

It is possible to rank up just by gathering but this is incredibly time consuming, and the best option is to gain the larger chunks that you receive from things like plants maturing, harvesting off animals on your pasture, and completing buildings in your Hideaway. 

Once you’ve achieved Sanctuary Rank 5, the Granary will be unlocked to build in any empty plots you may have. If you don’t have any, you’ll either have to destroy an existing structure, or expand your Hideaway by unlocking additional Mammet tools.

Building the Granary in Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary 

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To build the Granary on your Island Sanctuary, you’ll need the following materials:

  • 10 x Island Palm Log
  • 10 x Island Log
  • 10 x Island Clay
  • 10 x Island Copper Ore
  • 10 x Island Vine

The only one of these items not available with the basic tools is the Island Clay. In order to gather that, you’ll need to construct the Islekeep’s Shovel. That tool itself will require three Island Logs, three Island Vines, and four Island Copper. Then Island Clay can be gathered from the same resource points where Island Sand is gathered. 

Once the Granary has been build (this will take several hours) you’ll be able to send Mammets on Expeditions.

Sending Mammets on Expeditions using the Granary in FFXIV

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Once the Granary is built, you can send Mammets on Expeditions to gather materials. You can choose from five different locations with different materials. Mammets will gather an average of one material of each, with the possibility for one rare material each day you send them on an expedition. The more days you send them, at a cost of 50 Seafarer’s Cowries per day, the more materials they’ll gather. Once they return, you’ll the items as usually as if you gathered them.

At Sanctuary Rank 6, you can upgrade the Granary to the Granary II. This will increase the amount of materials gathered from each expedition. At Sanctuary Rank 8, it can be further upgraded into the Granary III.

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