Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone have a few unique Sniper Rifles from the WW2 era. One of such weapons is the heavy-duty PTRS-41 replica—Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle. The gun has the highest damage output and range in its class but suffers with slow mobility and aim-down-sight (ADS) speed.

Players can unlock the Anti-Tank Rifle in Vanguard and Warzone by getting 10 single-shot eliminations using a Sniper Rifle in 15 different completed matches. While completing the unlock challenge, make sure not to leave the match in between as the progress will not count if you do so.

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The best way to unlock the semi-automatic Sniper is by playing Vanguard Multiplayer. You can pick any Sniper Rifle of your choice and start getting those one-shot kills. Focus on hitting headshots and try out longer game modes such as Domination and Patrol.

The Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle is a niche weapon and may not be for everyone. It’s also not that powerful since the game has better, faster options like the Kar98k and Type 99. Nonetheless, you can unlock and try this Sniper out for yourself.

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