The Glowing Glade is another area in Planimal Point. It can be found to the east as soon as you enter the town from your farm. To open the way to the Glowing Glade you will need 1,500 money.

Walking up to the rock obstructing the way will prompt you to pay and unlock it. Upon entering the Glade you will start a cutscene where Whisper thanks you for opening the path to the Glowing Glade.

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The Glowing Glade adds another area where you can forage wild food and flowers. You can also harvest wood and stone here. These can be handy when you need to recover stamina and also provide a small but steady income each day. But the main appeal of the Glowing Glade is Whisper’s Furniture Store. It is built into the large purple tree near the end of the Glowing Glade’s path.

In this store, Whisper will sell you furniture. This furniture can be placed inside your home or outside, both on your farm and the paths leading to town. You can even place these items in the town itself if you are feeling generous towards the townsfolk. These pieces of furniture are an excellent way to customize Planimal Point and provide some comfort.

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