In Metroid Dread, Samus has numerous abilities and power-ups she can acquire throughout her journey. These allow the player to explore ZDR’s various areas and overcome its obstacles. One nifty ability player can unlock the Flash Shift ability.

You can unlock the Flash Shift ability the first time you travel to Burenia. Continue until you reach the first flooded area and drop to the bottom, be careful to avoid the enemies on the way. You will want to head to the right and break the cracked rock with the Diffusion Beam. 

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You will come upon a missile door—break it open and go through the door behind it. Inside you will find a statute and an Item Cube. Grab the Item Cube to unlock the Flash Shift ability. This ability uses Aeon, similar to the Phantom Cloak, and will send Samus in a direction quickly.

To use the Flash Shift, simply press and hold A. Move the left stick in the direction you want to travel. You can use the ability in the air and up to three times consecutively. This is useful for dodging enemy attacks and reaching areas. You can also use it to pass through shutter doors that have a pressure plate you would normally have to cross.

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