Wandering the mind is the job of any astute Psychonaut, and if Raz wants to test his mettle, he’ll need all the tools afforded to him in Psychonauts 2 if he wants to save the day and unlock several achievements along the way, including Fine Tuning.

To unlock the Fine-Tuning Achievement, players must use the Thought Tuner to unearth stray thoughts hidden in the game’s open areas. To do so, there are several steps necessary to unlock this device and complete this task.

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  1. After Raz has finished cleaning out Lady Luctopus’s Casino, the game world opens up and allows the young Psychonaut to visit new locations and vistas. Head back to the entrance once Raz is back at The Motherlobe to leave Psychonauts HQ and head into the game’s second open area: The Motherlobe Quarry.
  2. Once outside, pull up the map by pressing the View button and scrolling over to the Areas tab by tapping the RB button in Raz’s journal.
  3. Select The Quarry in the journal and search for the Research and Development building. This is Raz’s destination.
  4. Once at the Research and Development building, head to the front desk and speak to Otto Mentallis. After a brief conversation, Raz has several dialogue options. Choose the option pertaining to any spare gadgets that Otto may have, this prompts Otto to give Raz both the Otto Shot Camera and the Thought Tuner.
  5. With the new tools in tow, head outside the Research and Development building. Equip the Thought Tuner by holding left on the d-bad. Raz lets players know that there may be stray thoughts around.
  6. Hold the right trigger to turn the machine on and scan for thoughts, the faster the machine beeps, the closer Raz is these thoughts. Eventually the machine will flash green when he’s on top of the thoughts. Inch closer until thought bubbles spawn and create a new path for Raz to use via his Mental Connection ability. With the thoughts exposed, the Fine Tuning achievement will unlock.

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