Some abilities in Psychonauts 2 aren’t as easy to unlock as others. While most of the games Psychic powers are unlocked by progressing through the story, some are easily missed, like the Dive ability.

Take Raz through the following steps to make sure that he gets this handy platforming power:

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  1. After completing Lady Luctopus’ Casino, Raz’s family comes to visit him. Meet them outside The Motherlobe. After embarrassing the Raz, they head off to the Questionable Area campgrounds.
  2. Run through the Quarry and to the Questionable Area. Once there talk to Raz’s mother in the campgrounds. After a brief grilling for running away from the circus, she’ll ask Raz to help Dion with his chores.
  3. Head over to the site of the Aqario Aquato Dome, look for a lanky boy resembling Raz in an open area of the forest.
  4. Talk to Dion and make a deal with him to help set up the tent by climbing set pieces and dropping the tent down using Raz’s psychic powers.
  5. Once the tent is assembled, Raz recalls a trick Dion taught him, the Dive. The move allows players to mitigate fall damage, dodge in midair, and add a new traversal tool to Raz’s arsenal.

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