The second set of weekly missions in Battlefield 2042 is live. The completion reward for this week’s challenges includes an Epic Skin for the PP-29 Submachine Gun. Fortunately, the challenges are relatively easy when compared to the Week One missions.

Here are all three weekly missions and the fastest way to get the Dealmaker PP-29 Skin in Battlefield 2042:

  1. Mission: 2,500 damage inflicted with any explosives
    • It’s evident that any explosive throwable or gadget can be used to complete this objective.
    • The best options include C5, Recoilless M5, Frag Grenade, and Sundance Specialist’s Scatter and Anti-Armor Grenades.
    • Damage dealt counts for both enemy vehicles and infantry alike.
  2. Mission: 15 objectives captured or neutralized
    • Secure the objectives in any sector in certain game modes such as Conquest and Breakthrough.
    • If you die in the process of capturing the point, the progress still counts as a unit.
    • Focus more on neutralizing or defending an objective, as it takes far less time than capturing.
  3. Mission: 30 enemies killed and kills assisted
    • Kills and assists both count toward the progress made, regardless of the weapon used.

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You can complete these challenges in any game mode that you like. Nonetheless, Conquest will be the best mode to finish all the missions. You can equip the Dealmaker Skin from the “Loadout” section in-game. Simply head over to the “Hardware Appearances” for the PP-29 SMG and choose the skin.

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