The Cavalry Drake is a mount in Final Fantasy XIV that’s summoned by using the Drake Horn. An older mount that first came out in A Realm Reborn (ARR), the Cavalry Drake and Drake Horn are still popular for those looking to complete their collection.

To unlock the Drake Horn, you’ll have to complete the Amalj’aa beast tribe quests and raise your reputation with the to Sworn (Rank 7). At this rank, the Amalj’aa Vendor in Southern Thanalan, located at X:23.2, Y:14.1, will sell you the Drake Horn for 120,000 Gil.

This process takes around 30 to 40 days total effort, as the beast tribe quests cap at a daily amount of three a day. With three quests a day at variable reputation rewards, you’ll reach Sworn, which requires 1730 total reputation, within around four to five weeks.

Alternatively, the Drake Horn frequently appears in Moogle Treasure Trove events as a lower-tier reward. Retailing for 30 Irregular Tomestones, this mount has been a prize in the Treasure Trove for the past few events. It appears again appears in the March 14, 2022, event. This event runs from March 14 until the start of the 6.1 patch, and 30 Irregular Tomestones is a very achievable goal. This gives you until the middle of April to unlock the Drake Horn. 

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