There are many achievements in Halo Infinite, and some of them can be extremely hard to get or figure out. One such achievement is the Bring Shiela Home Safely achievement. You might be wondering how to get this achievement.

To get the Bring Shiela Home Safely secret achievement, you will need to take the tank in the mission, The Road, all the way to House. Youtuber Maka91Productions has discovered how to get this achievement, you can see how to do it below.

In the mission The Road, you will need to bring the tank, dubbed Shiela after Red Vs Blue, all the way to the House. The House is the structure at the end of the mission. The main thing to remember is to take this mission slow and keep your tank alive.

Your primary threat is Banished Dropships and Wraiths. These can deal massive damage and hit you from afar. Many Banished infantry carry explosives, so watch for these, especially those that come from drop pods. Keeping your distance from any enemies lets you safely take them out from afar.

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There are two times you need to exit your scorpion. First, you will approach a gate with a Hunter. Kill the Hunter and then climb over the gate on foot. Use your AI scan to locate the device needed to drop the gate. It is in the building directly in front of the gate. Once it has been lowered, climb back in and continue.

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The second time comes at the end. In front of the House is a bridge that is folded. Climb out of your scorpion and go up to the platform to your left. The control to extend the gate is at the end of this platform. With the bridge in place, you are free to drive Shiela in and claim your achievement.

Some tips to remember on this mission is to set the difficulty to easy. This will make completing this challenge much simpler. You can restart your checkpoint if your tank is about to explode. Once you complete the mission, you cannot restart, so make sure to get this achievement first.

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