In Vampire Survivors, the Bracelet is a fire-breath-like weapon that starts as the signature weapon of Gyorunton. But how do you unlock this potent weapon for your own runs in Vampire Survivors?

Unlock Gyorunton

The first step in unlocking the Bracelet is to unlock Gyorunton. To do this, you’ll need to complete the Boss Rash level with just a single weapon. To unlock the Boss Rash, you’ll need to have unlocked Hyper Mode on all basic stages. 

Then, complete the Boss Rash with only one weapon. To prevent yourself from picking up additional weapons, use either the Mindbender Relic, or the Game Killer (0) setting to avoid levelling up entirely.

Unlocking the Bracelet

Once you’ve unlocked Gyorunton, all characters will have a small chance of being able to pick up the Gyorunton when they level up. This can be enhanced by having a higher luck chance.

Evolving the Bracelet

The Bracelet evolves twice. Once into the Bi-Bracelet, and again into the Tri-Bracelet. There’s no required passive item needed for this evolution. Simply level up the Bracelet to level six and then run into a chest for a chance to unlock the evolution.

The Bi-Bracelet also has six levels, and once it’s levelled up to max, it can also be evolved into the Tri-Bracelet, which again has a further six levels. This means the Bracelet can level up a total of 18 times, making it a great late-game weapon.

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