Metroid Dread features many abilities and weapons that Samus can use as she explores the planet ZDR. These are necessary if you have any hope to navigate the dangers that lurk everywhere on this planet. One weapon that Samus can acquire along the way is the Bomb.

This classic weapon is a staple of the Metroid series and makes its return in Metroid Dread. It can be found in Dairon on the second trip to this area. From the purple teleporter, you will head south through volcanic chambers and then escape the E.M.M.I. before arriving in a powerless section.

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Go left until you arrive at the generator. Power it on and then return to the missile door in the room prior. Through this, you will find a Chozo Statue holding the power-up. Break it to unlock the Bomb. You can now drop bombs while in Morph Ball form by pressing Y.

Bombs are useful for attacking in Morph Ball form and for blowing up blocks that prevent you from traveling. These bombs will also cause Samus to jump while in Morph Ball form. If your timing is good enough, you can even perform the infinite bomb jump for some silly shenanigans.

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